Welcome to the Almond Accounts home page. The purpose of this website is to provide information relating to the services that we can offer. We aim to take care of all the bookkeeping and payroll requirements for small companies enabling you to concentrate on what you do best; running your business.

Do you run a sandwich bar, a busy pub or a high street shop? Are you operating an online business from home? Perhaps you head up a legal practice, dental surgery or employment agency. There are so many different types of business each with their own unique hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future. However, all enterprises have at least one thing in common; the desire to succeed. Bookkeeping 2The fortunes of any business will depend upon various factors but one key ingredient for success is financial control. You need to know who owes you money and how much, the dates that your supplier payments are due and whether or not you can afford that vital piece of kit/equipment. In short you need to know what is going on in your business and how it is performing.

Your company might be profitable but suppose your debtors are not paying and there are no credit control procedures in place. A serious cash flow problem could then arise. This might impact on your ability to perform a job or complete a contract. If money is not available to pay your creditors and your credit facilities are withdrawn you won’t then be able to acquire the necessary materials/supplies to do more work.

Payroll 2The way in which a business manages it’s finances will vary. Some companies will require an in-house solution, some will outsource and some will want a combination of both. What should be appreciated though is that outsourcing your accounts or payroll is not necessarily more difficult or more expensive than running either function in-house. The efficiency that comes with specialisation means that outsourcing may actually be cheaper, more convenient or more practical.

If you are a small/medium sized company that requires a reliable, cost effective bookkeeping or payroll solution then we can help. Almond Accounts will undertake all of the essential accounting routines needed to meet statutory regulations and also produce meaningful management information. This will put you in control of your business and allow you to make informed decisions about current operations and future developments.